The Financial Planning Process

Latest Winter 2018 Quarterly Newsletter This issues includes reflections from Brian Jones, CFP, on recent market volatility as he draws parallels to the most recent Super Bowl. Kevin Donovan, CFA, discusses how market losses can be tough but in general the market produces positive returns. Mark your calendars for our annual Shredding Event on May 18th and read about which documents to keep versus shred. Lastly, we share the recent Washingtonian Magazine article that quoted Jessica Ness, CFP, and her advice for handling children's allowance. January 2018 Audio Update In our first podcast of 2018, join us as David Greene, Kevin Donovan, Jessica Ness and Brian Jones share their thoughts on what worked in 2017, what to expect in the markets in 2018 as well as an update on the new tax bill just passed by Congress. Newsletter & Podcast Archive

The idea behind planning with purpose is based on a complete process.

As financial planners, we believe strongly in clearly defined goals and objectives as the basis for any starting point. As such, we want to learn as much as possible about our client, their spouse, their family, their career, and what is important to them. We believe that the better we understand the things that are important to the client, the better we can assist them in developing a custom tailored solution to meet their short-term and long-term goals.

The process of financial planning at CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. is as follows:

  • Collection of Client Data. Our Client Data Questionnaire is often referred to as "client homework" to be completed after our initial meeting. This document asks for detailed information regarding finances and investment preferences.
  • Second Meeting. We may hold a second meeting wherein we have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the client's answers on the questionnaire. The planner will outline a course of action that is specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs.
  • Projections, Solutions and Recommendations. Once the signed contract has been returned to our office, the CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. team then analyzes the client data and develops projections, solutions and recommendations.
  • Planning Meetings. When the entire plan has been finalized and assembled, a planning meeting, or several meetings, is scheduled to review the data analysis and recommendations.
  • Implementation. The recommendations that are part of the original plan are implemented using the on-going investment advisory services of the firm.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Service. Even the best plan is without benefit if it is not reviewed to make sure that all the pieces to the puzzle are working in sync. Both periodic investment performance reporting and planning reviews are offered to help ensure the client is meeting objectives.