Midcareer Transition

Latest Fall 2017 Quarterly Newsletter This issue includes some thoughts from the retiring Senior Managing Partner, Tim Jones, as he looks back on his time in the business over the last 30 years. This issue also includes a tribute to Kim McLeland, one of the retired partners at CJM who passed away suddenly earlier this year. We round out the newsletter with articles from Kevin Donovan on investments, Parker Trasborg provides us with his thoughts on buying a new car, and pictures from Halloween. Enjoy! October 2017 Audio Update Dave, Kevin, Tracey and Tim share their thoughts on the markets so far this year, expectations for the remainder of the year, an update on Congressional bills making their way through Congress and finally some thoughts on protecting your credit given the recent Equifax security breach. Newsletter & Podcast Archive

The Situation

Susan had worked at a Fortune 100 company for close to 20 years. After the company was purchased and a management change, Susan was forced out of her senior level executive position. In addition to a severance package, Susan had to make decisions regarding her benefits package from her employer (health, Long Term Care Insurance, etc.), 401k plan, pension plan, and a large amount of company stock.

The Solution

In this situation Susan had to make a number of decisions in a very short period of time. Susan and her husband came in and sat down with some of the partners at CJM to plot out next steps. Because CJM has worked with clients before in similar situations, CJM was able to bring a level of experience and understanding to the situation that aided in the decision making process.

CJM helped create income scenarios to help Susan and her husband understand how long her severance package would last (and the tax impact as a result). Susan was made aware of her options regarding her healthcare and Long Term Care benefits and made the appropriate decisions for her and her family.

The most complex decision to be made revolved around Susan’s sizeable holdings in her former employer’s company stock. While her company plan dictated that her stock options had to be exercised within a predetermined period of time, CJM was able to tailor a plan to manage her 401k plan (also heavily loaded with company stock) as well as her personal stock holdings and begin to divest these holdings over a period of time, hereby reducing her exposure to her former employer’s company stock as well as better manage her income tax obligations over time.

Value To The Client

CJM worked with Susan and her husband to create a detailed financial analysis and layout possible scenarios for Susan as she left her former employer. CJM’s analysis provided Susan with the critical information she needed in order to make the next steps in her career.

Working closely with CJM’s in house professionals with backgrounds in wealth management, insurance, investments, and taxation, Susan was able to leverage the expertise that CJM brought to the table and ease her transition into volunteer and advocacy efforts.

More Solutions

At CJM we understand that no two clients are alike and real world problems require practical and timely solutions. The CJM team brings together the best and the brightest in the areas of investment, tax, insurance, financial planning & wealth management to resolve each client’s particular issue(s).